Remembering Ron Aubrey

Ronald V. Aubrey, inventor of the No-Dog Offset Level, passed away March 23, 2016 after a long struggle with cancer. He was 71.

Ron invented the No-Dog in 1987 to help electricians make accurate offset bends in metal conduit. He shifted from working as a journeyman wireman to manufacturing and selling this tool full time, and this business has supported his family for nearly three decades.

Ron was many things over the course of his life, including electrician (IBEW LU 369), United States Marine, inventor, and small business owner. He was a thinker who also worked with his hands. If something was broken, he'd fix it himself. If there was a complex problem to solve, he'd invent and build something to solve it. He loved the outdoors, especially going to the lake and working in the garden. Ron also had an affinity for music. In his younger years he played guitar in a rock band with his friends, and throughout his life he loved discovering and sharing songs with skillful instrumentals.

Ron had a very special kinship with dogs, especially Nick, the border collie he grew up with; Misho, the Belgian malanois who looked after his children through their teenage years; Sam, the border collie mix he loved in his later life; and Otto, his son AJ's St. Bernard.

Of Ron, his grandmother once said, "He walked like a man that can get things done."