No-Dog Tools, Inc.
Get It Right the First Time, Every Time

In 1987, journeyman wireman Ron Aubrey was working a job in Georgetown, Kentucky when he decided there had to be a better, more accurate and efficient way to bend offsets. Back in his workshop at his Nicholasville, Kentucky home, Ron perfected a design for an "anti-dog" or "wow-watcher", which he named the "No-Dog Offset Level". His wife and kids helped him build and sell the tools.

No-Dogs have always been assembled by hand. In the beginning, even the body was completely hand-made. Bars of aluminum were sliced into pieces, then holes were drilled into each one for the vial and for a notch so the legs could be cut out with a band saw. Then each tool was meticulously sanded down by hand. Back then, there was no anodizing.

Over time, demand became too great for this process to keep up. The family partnered with an extruder to have the No-Dog bodies formed and tumbled. This also allowed No-Dogs to be anodized for the first time, offering customers an array of color choices. Each No-Dog is still checked by hand to ensure quality, and those that do not meet our standards are not sold. The rest of the tool assembly is also done by hand.

Knowing how important personalization is to our customers, we offer many engraving options for the No-Dog.

Ron retired in 2010, but he kept watch over the business, offering ideas and suggestions, until he passed away in 2016. His oldest son AJ now takes care of much of the day-to-day operations and level assembly. Wife Julie runs the office, son Ben assembles levels, daughter Heather designs and maintains the website, and Julie's brother Tom builds the engraving preview pop-up windows. Aubrey Tools, Inc. is literally a family, committed to quality.